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Dining Out at The Slanted Door

Opening in August 2020, Oliver & Joseph Regis’s Slanted Door is one of the more recent additions to Stamford’s dining scene, and has already become one of its best…

The Slanted Door in Stamford.
The Slanted Door in Stamford.

Throughout British History there have been some spectacularly successful brotherly collaborations. Bobby and Jack Charlton with their contribution to football; Paul and Barry Chuckle and their contribution to comedy; The Gibb Brothers and their services to falsetto disco; Noel and Liam Gallagher’s contribution to Anglo-Saxon hand gestures in tabloid newspapers and the Kray twins with their services to… well… perhaps we should omit that last example on the grounds of good taste.

But speaking of good taste, from August 2020 another pair of siblings has been doing a sterling service to Stamford’s bar and restaurant scene. Oliver & Joseph Regis founded The Slanted Door on the town’s St Mary’s Street in August 2020, and quite understandably the place is very popular.

Nestled next to the wee little snicket of Olde Barn Passage, I’m tempted to describe the place as small but perfectly formed. However, arranged over three floors (four if you count the basement kitchen), it’s a bit larger than its modest width would have you believe, albeit still with a sense of cosy charm. The cocktail bar on the ground floor is below street level, and with its tall tables, you’re just about treated to natural light and a view of the socks and shoes of passers-by. Its hunkered position gives the place a lovely intimate feel, with subtle lighting and a smart-looking bar.

To the rear of the place is a lounge with soft seating and granite tables, giving the look and feel of a contemporary Soho wine bar, albeit without the ludicrous prices. Whimsical wallpaper with pineapple and palm-leaf motifs help to show that the place doesn’t take itself too seriously, except in the respect of the quality of its cocktails and food.

Speaking of the latter, The Slanted Door’s small plates menu concept can be enjoyed on the ground floor, with its 21 covers, whilst an á la carte menu is served in the first floor dining room with about 19 covers, plus a nice little lounge area and a mini-Mediterranean terrace with fairy lights and olive trees, just about overlooking the Meadows. Finally, the second floor has a private dining room with space for 12 people.

The design of the place is pretty cool. A back-to-brick refurbishment of the 16th century building was about as severe as it gets but has at least enabled Oliver & Joseph to create a space akin to their vision of a smart, fun, enjoyable place to spend time whether you’re enjoying cocktails, or dining at The Slanted Door.

In the kitchen you’ll find Dameon Clarke, whose previous domain was The Wicked Witch in Ryhall. It’s fair to say that Dameon has an established reputation in the area, and his skills and creativity have been an incredible asset in establishing the brothers’ vision for sociable, high quality dining.

The Slanted Door’s Bar Food menu is available during both lunchtime and evening service, with a menu comprising nine options for grazing or for tapas dining with about five dishes per couple about right. Reserved for evening diners, the fine dining menu provides amuse bouche and Hambleton sourdough bakery bread, plus five starter options, seven main courses including a steak of the day, and four desserts. There’s a separate Sunday lunch menu, plus an additional menu of vegetarian and vegan dishes too.

Special mention, too, for The Slanted Door’s cocktails, of which there are 15, including the venue’s signature cocktail Hari’s Bubbles & Berries, which features a dramatic show of what looks like smoke and boiling liquid, courtesy of some dry ice trickery.

Undoubtedly the presentation of The Slanted Door is something very impressive, but as a textbook example of beauty not being merely skin deep, we were really impressed with the presentation, flavour and creativity of the dishes created by Dameon.

If the food was less well-executed the venue would still be able to hold its own in terms of its style. But the fact is, its menus are indeed brilliantly conceived and the dishes are technically as well as creatively excellent.

And so, what looks like just a smart cocktail bar is at the same time one of the town’s best restaurants. Limiting the number of upstairs covers to fewer than 20 diners – and reserving its fine dining menu for evening service – means the kitchen has plenty of time to invest flair and attention to detail in each dish… and that, we think, is probably a large contributor to the restaurant’s considerable success.

That’s along with all the skills and obvious enthusiasm that Oliver, Joseph, Dameon and the rest of the team have invested in creating a first-class experience for guests. It’s certainly an experience that we feel really comfortable in recommending!

Moroccan lamb kofta, £10.50.
Moroccan lamb kofta, £10.50.

On the Menu

Amuse bouche served with Hambleton bakery bread.

Small Plates

Crispy duck dumplings, pickled plums & cherry hoisin, £9.95.

Crab and king prawn toasts, thai chutney, puffed rice, micro coriander, £10.50.


Beef carpaccio, Parmesan cream, rocket pesto, marinated mushrooms and crispy onions, £11.50.

Tandoori cured salmon, compressed coriander cucumber, yogurt gel, curried tapioca, £10.95.

Game terrine, poached quince, Cumberland sauce and pickled egg, £10.95.

Main Courses

Slow cooked pork belly, braised cheek, carrot tart, kale, black pudding and apple croquette, £24.95.

Pan fried loin of venison, fermented blackberries, confit potatoes, braised chicory, £25.50.

Pan fried bass with chorizo, mussel chowder, baby leeks, sea vegetables and caviar, £24.50.


Tiramisu cheesecake, coffee ice cream, hazelnut biscotti, blackcurrant, £9.50.

Earl Grey panna cotta, milk custard, sugar biscuit and rum soaked raisins, £9.50.

Crab and king prawn toasts, £10.50.
Crab and king prawn toasts, £10.50.

Dining Out: The Slanted Door, St Mary’s, Stamford

The Pitch: “Oliver & Joseph Regis, along with renowned Chef Dameon Clarke welcome you to The Slanted Door​, a lovely 16th century building with a modern bar, selling cocktails, plus fine dining and delicious small plates.”

Dining Times:  Tuesday – Saturday 12 noon – 2.30pm; 6pm – 9pm. Sunday 12 noon – 3.30pm.

The Slanted Door, 43 St Mary’s Street, Stamford PE9 2DS.Call 01780 757773 or see

Hari’s Bubbles & Berries: citrus vodka, cassis, marinated berries, house made sour, Chandon Brut with dry ice £9.95.
Hari’s Bubbles & Berries: citrus vodka, cassis, marinated berries, house made sour, Chandon Brut with dry ice £9.95.