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Become part of the Tallington Lakes community and enjoy lakeside living with the company’s brand new and beautifully appointed luxury holiday lodges…

The Omar Heron lodge on Tallington Lakes.
The Omar Heron lodge on Tallington Lakes.

You don’t have to travel far, in order to get away from it all. That’s what many locals from Stamford, Rutland and Peterborough have found, as they’ve discovered a little bit of heaven by the water at Tallington Lakes.

“We have about 450 lodges on the site, and we’ve calculated that over 80% of them are owned by those who have previously lived within a 25-mile radius. We knew it was a high proportion, but even we were surprised by how many. What’s more, only half a dozen of the lodges are rented out as holiday accommodation. Overwhelmingly, they’re owned and used by those in the area who appreciate the lakeside views, the availability of 365-days a year occupation and the quality and specification of the lodges themselves.”

Tallington Lakes has become a sought-after site for the placement of some seriously desirable luxury lodges from various different designers, with options from about £120,000 to just over £300,000. We’re visiting to have a look around three of the newer designs and it’s not long before we’re feeling right at home.

“They’re all really desirable,” says Simon. “It tends to come down to personal preference in terms of their layout. There’s about a 12-week lead time and an option for bespoke specifications, although most people who view them are really happy with the existing colourways and choices. And everything you see here, everything, comes as standard.”

Everything? The kitchen? Yes. What about the appliances; the fridge-freezer, the wine cooler, the dishwasher and oven? Yes. What about the washer and dryer? Yes. The bathroom fittings? Yes. The carpets, curtains? Yes. Sofa, Beds? Yes. All fully furnished, decorated and ready to move into. And very warm, too.

Two or three bedroomed lodges are the most common. The ones we view have en suites to each of the two bedrooms or a single en suite and a sizable family bathroom, there are large doors to the open-plan living space and bedrooms that open out onto the water (all of the lodges enjoy a lakeside location) plus high-spec kitchens, dedicated utility rooms… and in a week or two these examples will soon have their fully-landscaped surroundings completed, with their own driveways and parking spaces.

“They’ve always been popular but over the past couple of years their popularity has increased significantly,” says Simon. “The pandemic made people reassess their work/leisure balance. Many people reported wanting to spend more time relaxing and less time travelling or working. A lot of our customers have said that they wanted to downsize from a larger property and buy a lodge here, either to enjoy the company of family and friends, or as their primary residence, freeing up equity and benefitting from healthy property prices whilst moving into a place which is box-fresh and maintenance-free.”

“The site itself is a big draw too,” he adds. “It’s a proper community.” As we drive round the site everyone waves at Simon and people are walking their dogs or stopping to chat with other residents. There are some lodges with electric bikes charging outside, or with hoists to lift their boat, moored adjacent to the decking, into the lake.

“Showing people around is always a pleasure. There’s never any obligation or pressure-selling,” he adds. That’s probably because they don’t need to. Orders are brisk and plenty of people are excitedly awaiting the completion of their lodges.

If you’re curious about life on Tallington Lakes, and if you’d like to wake up each morning in a pristine luxury lodge overlooking the water and becoming part of a thriving community of friendly souls, we’ll definitely recommend giving Simon a call. Book a tour both of the site and the lodges themselves: they’re really quite special and definitely need to be seen to be fully appreciated!

Find Out More: For a personalised, no-obligation tour of Tallington Lakes’ Goodlife Lodges, call Simon Buchanan on 0800 564 2266, alternatively see

Tallington Lakes…

Tallington Lakes is located on the site of a former gravel pit which, in the 1970s, ceased commercial operation and was redeveloped as a new leisure facility, with spring-fed lakes created on the rewilded site. A dry ski slope was created in 1987 and was resurfaced last year with one of the most sophisticated and realistic surfaces in the country.

Further leisure facilities were added, such as a climbing tower, whilst provision for waterskiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and paddle boarding, zorbing and open-water swimming were all made possible, thanks to the 205 acres of lakes.

Today, Tallington’s Activities Venture leisure site runs alongside the Goodlife Lodge Company which markets luxury lodges around the perimeter of the site’s lakes. In total, Tallington – as it’s colloquially known – covers over 300 acres including 450 lodges, and the site is now a community which is a permanent home to almost 800 people.